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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

pastlives, regression, jainism and more tsunamis

I have just returned from my trip to SE Asia. Hence it being so quiet on this blog for so long. Remote India and Nepal haven't taken that much to the internet as yet ;>
I was over there visiting various Jainist and Buddhist sites and learning a lot about Eastern Philosphy. I find Jainism very fascinating as it appears to be very similar to, quite probably an influence, or possibly even the root of, Buddhism. It has nowhere near the same level of world recognition. Buddhism seems to be the bridge between Jainism and existential realism (materialism of the non-bling sort). A moderated Jainism, if you like. They both believe strongly in social equality and non-violence and reject the old man in the sky in favour of rebirth and karma as comeuppence and explanations for some of the the differences between us. Buddhism does not however have an unchanging 'soul', and is far less strict, it seems, via the Middle Path. (The Jains are strict vegetarians and traditionally sweep infront of their feet as they walk, in order to not harm bugs)
Mahavira and Buddha had very similar lives and lived quite close to each other, it appears, so no doubt there was a trade of ideas. Both philosophies have been built into 'religions' over the years (along with the obligatory myths and, in some cases, rituals which sometimes contradict the original teachings) but Jainism came first according to accepted chronolgy. It seems the ancient world was going through an intellectual awakening around that period (600 BC) as, in China there was Confucious, and in Greece there was Thales, the first recorded Western philospher.
I visted the building where the Buddha had lived for 25 years, and got to sleep in the remains of his room under an almost full moon.

While I was in Sri Lanka I went to see a Cambridge grad Nuclear Scientist named Dr Granville Dharmawardena (google him). I had stumbled upon some of his writings after doing some research of my own into consciousness. (When I get bored I get really really nerdy. Hey- you can't rock all of the time). He gave me some important information. I had learned previously that the brain works faster than the speed of light, and he informed me that the universe itself is 'non-local' as demonstrated by 'entanglement'. i.e. the whole universe is linked no matter where you are in it. Kinda like the world doesn't have edges cos it's a sphere, not flat. The universe bends via dimensions we can't comprehend to be linked everywhere despite great distances in the apparent 3 spacial dimensions we can witness. He believes that the spiritual part of humans comes from this realm above the speed of light. Some people have gone so far as to suggest that science has found god due to this discovery. See http://www.ksharpe.com/Word/CO11.htm

I was planning on getting myself regressed into my 'previous lives' but I ran out of time. I have always been very skeptical as everyone always seems to have past lives from Earth, almost always human and more often than not, Cleopatra.

While I was in SL I gave the contributions made on selling the merch to a hosital on the coast. Thanks for that guys. Actually while I was near the coast, on Monday the 28th at about midnight we heard that another quake had hit indonesia, and belief was widespread that another tsunami would hit. The wave never came but I didn't hang around long enough to check.

So not your usual holiday by any means, but I come back with fresh ears and an open mind ready to finsh what we started. Keep you posted

love S