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Check in with MV in their London studio, as they track the eagerly anticipated follow up to their critically acclaimed debut album "Finelines". Feel free to leave your comments for the band, below the posts.

Monday, December 27, 2004

What a f***ing awful birthday

I wake up on my birthday to hear that thousands have died back in Asia. Both Ravi and I have family out there. And it seems we all know someone who is holidaying out there right now. My sister had just flown out on Christmas day. Molko had just headed out there too. They are all okay but we got the inevitable bad news. My uncle had been travelling down to the coast with his two kids when his train had been hit by a wave and was dragged into the sea. All passengers were presumed dead. A day later we hear back that his carriage had got stuck on a hill after rolling over 4 times. It prevented them from drowning. It was the only carriage that got stuck. The others were not so lucky.
Even a Buddhist will turn towards God

My female cousin was going to drive to the same hotel on the coast as she does every month or so. Her father had told not to due to the flu epidemic down there, so she reluctantly cancelled her plans. Now, the hotel is no more and the family who owned it are dead.
Most of us couldn't comprehend what it would be like to lose EVERYTHING we have. House, clothes, and maybe even loved ones. There are a million in Sri Lanka alone who have.
Life is a crazy thing. Unlike the Twin Towers, this time however, we have no one to blame. Mother nature giveth, mother nature taketh away. We will always be at her mercy and I guess this kinda thing puts things in perpective. I still remember how we were meant to fly out on Sept 10th to Manhattan, but we had to put it back to the 12th, to finish the video to Moodswings. It seems as clear as yesterday watching the second plane crash live on tv.

I still don't understand why the govts further from the epicentre weren't warned. Especially in this day & age where satellites watch every move. I guess not much could have been done to prevent it, but it restores my faith in human nature the way the world has rallied to help. You'd imagine it'd be easy to be detached from all this millions of miles away, especially if no one you know is involved. But this hasn't been the case.... in the immediate short term at least. We'll have to see how long they care though.
Our thoughts are with everyone in Asia right now.


Saturday, December 25, 2004


On behalf of the band and their team....
Merry Xmas & Happy hanukkah guys!
See you all in 2005..........

P.S. Check back in the next few days for your belated Xmas present..


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Thursday, December 23, 2004

More tickets for London Show

Click subject line. We had lots of emails about the gig, so the promoters have just released all the guest tickets for sale to the public. The band are doing their best to confirm the show.


If possible go for the 'collect tickets at venue' option to get around the extortionate postage charges.
We made this £10/ticket to keep prices down (a break even show), but there is nothing we can do about the ticket agency fees.

Monday, December 20, 2004

Sunday, December 19, 2004


Looking at the figures, the band have sold MORE tickets at this stage (a month in advance) than when they sold the Astoria out last time.
This is without radio/press ads or a single out. I guess we are all surprised that any band can be out of the media for 2 years and come back bigger than they were! We are now discussing the pros and cons between a relatively intimate show without much production or rehearsal or a full on, big middle-finger show a month later.
We'll keep you posted. Thanks again guys for all your support.

Friday, December 17, 2004


evening all...thought it was about time i checked in with all of yoo.. Been having a mighty good time in the studio lately with things going down fast and furiously...... which is lucky cos december's always a slow one.,the guitars are sounding king excellent... Couple of days ago, ravi, som, carolyn and I had rehearsal for the show which sounded great...-we're all really hoping that we can do the gig.... can't wait to get out of here in someways but it's been a lot fun.. much more so than the finelines sessions were.
anyway, check back with you soon
seth x

Thursday, December 16, 2004


Okay so the 'secret' show has sold out now. Now, that's kinda good news and bad news. The good is obvious but the bad is that we had never confirmed it in the first place, as you know, because we are still tracking the record.
There are talks on doing a second show the night before as demand is quite high. Man it'll be like ULU 2001 all over again. The other option would be to move it to the Astoria. Man that'll be like Astoria 2002 all over again. Anyways, we're doing our best right now to get things moving. We'll keep you posted.
We'd love to hear your suggestions for support and song requests/set list for which ever gig we do perform. Post via 'comments' below...

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

London Show

It's been relatively quiet on the blog as of late. We decided we'd check out a few bands last week.
Helmet were playing the Mean Fiddler and the Trail of Dead were playing ULU the day after. Watching Helmet made me realise the subtle influence they have had over our material from a rhythmic and arrangement angle. Helmet along with Rage, Faith No More and Sepultura were some of the metal bands from that era who seemed to focus on groove in a way that others didn't. Way before all the shitty NuMetal too.
The 'Dead guys were on top from, I hear. We played shows in Japan with those guys. They were on before us, so everytime we'd have to wait for the local crew to pick up all the pieces before we could go onstage. I'm surprised they aren't BANNED in Japan. We were all fooling around like Heavy Metal Idiots over there. We pelted Elbow with food as they were doing an MTV interview and the guy from the Eels said he would "kick our alternative-rock asses" if we didn't let him finish his sentence without having water balloons chucked at his head. Mr. Jason Reece, you really are a bad influence. I still feel guilty about the smashed MTV camera.
I hear that the Dead guys were keen to come down the studio to play on the record, so it's a shame I wasn't around. Maybe when they get back in Feb we can have a jam. However, musicians are notoriously bad at pulling this stuff together........I still haven't sent Chino those guitars for Team Sleep. Everytime we've seen each other we've talked about it though. I still remember how when we first met he said that he'd like to "compliment and congradulate me on a great work". I was so fed up with all things Finelines by that point that I just burst out laughing. He probably thought I was a little strange.
The Ash show at the Ashtoria was great too. Tim Wheeler is a gem of a guy. You know, even after touring Europe with those guys, I never realised how good Charlotte was on guitar until that night.
Anyways back to MV. Our UNCONFIRMED 'Secret' January show has only around 100 tickets left. This is almost two months in advance at a 1000 capacity venue in a very slow month. So needless to say we are all still surprised by all this, and it really makes us wanna make this show happen somehow. We'll keep you posted about it. If it comes down to a rescheduled date, all tickets will still be valid. We would be reluctant to move it to the Astoria though, as we haven't played in London since we headlined there back in 2002. goddammnit$%£"****%£$%?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Som at work!

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