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My Vitriol Studio WEBLOG

Check in with MV in their London studio, as they track the eagerly anticipated follow up to their critically acclaimed debut album "Finelines". Feel free to leave your comments for the band, below the posts.

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Nostalgic Royalty.

My good old friend Rob came by the studio to catch up. We used to play together at school, waaay before MV. I guess you could say that he was the guy that got me into all this to start with. So you have him to blame.
I had just got the Nirvana box set, so we checked it out. Kinda interesting from a musician/fan perspective....hearing the demos and stuff. We laughed about the fact Kurt was singing to a wall on the DVD, as I used to have to sing into a lamp cos we didn't have a mike stand back then.

Anyways, we ended up jamming some of the first songs I ever wrote and Nirvana tunes like Penny Royal Tea for old times sake, and ProTools had been recording all along.... here's a clip of what was recorded:

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We probably f***ed it up. Whatever. If MOBY can cover Creep with a G|B minor|C instead of a G|B f***ing MAJOR|C to 50,000 people at Glasto I think we'll get away with this one.

The clinky sound of the guitar reminds me of a funny story. My sister had a guitar before I did. It was a nylon-stringed classical which she was getting lessons on. I didn't want lessons, but my folks thought I could use that instead of getting me an electric. I really hated the way it sounded so CLEAN. So I used to play it with bottle caps and stuff to try and get a little distortion. My poor sister. That poor guitar.
Once I had saved enough cash for an electric, I needed an amp but they were waaay to expensive. I remember plugging in the electric into my dad's HIFI speakers. But that sounded CLEAN too. So I'd crank it up until the cones distorted. Man, you could SMELL the speakers frying ozone. My poor dad. You should have seen his face. I got my amp out of it though. ;>
Don't abuse your family. Unless you need some new gear.

Saturday, November 27, 2004


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Okay guys. Here's a little sampler played through my phone. I'll stick some more up when I get a spare moment.

PS. Thanks for all the COMMENTS, guys. Keep talking and we will too.........

"Its so damn easy"

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Jinxing yourself with a title. Waydaggo! Oh yeah, vocals are the last thing you record... so these clips will be the instrumental versions. You'll be hearing things as they progress...

"into yr arms" clip

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More files from the future.........

Tuesday, November 23, 2004


Hey. We missed out on 'blogging' all the drum tracking so I'm gonna ask Rav to post up here soon. Overall, we spend most of the time in the studio on drums, as they are the hardest to get right by nature of the instrument itself.
That's also what you get for having one great drummer and one wannabe/air drummer in the same band. This time round Rav had a lot more time to learn & rehearse the parts so we spent more time on getting sounds. We cross-referenced to some of our favourite records like Sepultura 'Roots' and Helmet 'Betty' etc.
Rav was beating the crap outta them so we had to keep re-tuning every couple of takes. Generally everything was pretty quick once Rav was warmed into it. I would just piss him off once in a while by deciding a fill could be different at the last minute. Luckily everytime we all agreed it was a change for the better. Sometimes it would give Lars Ulrich a hard-on too. But that was just a bonus. (If you didn't get the joke check out the Metallica movie. You dont have to be a fan either...its a great insight into how bands work in general. Cringe-central at moments. We saw it at the same time as Molko, who agreed in our communal post-mortem that all bands, no matter what level, go through the same shit.)
Anyway, on certain tracks I had programmed the demo drums into ProTools without paying ANY attention to the fact that a human had to play it on the other end. I guess it's pretty fortunate that Ravi can play pretty much anything. And that he has four arms and feet. At least, it sure SOUNDS like it on some of the parts.
Hopefully you'll hear it from the man himself soon


tubthumping session

fuck me was that a session! apologies for the delayed posting but my hands have only just recovered from the beating they sustained. typing was not an option! the tracking had taken a solid three-weeks and went extremely well. i had approached the kit slightly different this time around.there is a great blend of power and more power! i have expanded my kit some what but not just for the sake of expanding it but for the addition of new sounds that the tracks have benefited from.half the session was trying to get the right sounds and experimenting with different drumheads and cymbals. also used an array of snare drums depending on the track we were working on. my kit is a custom built yamaha maple custom absolute which fuckin kix ass. cheers gav. i have also started to use sabian cymbals which are just incredible.i went down to there warehouse to meet up with the head of sabian artist relations for europe jerome marcus who is one of the nicest guys you'll meet in the industry. he kind of like worked out what my needs were after i told him the style of the new songs . i was just breaking to many fuckin cymbals man. he sorted me out big time with big cymbals that sound amazing.
even though the session went well it was physically and mentally quite draining but som and dr lerock got me through it in one piece. i will be back in drum mode in december when we start recording b-sides. i will be posting as much as i can while som gets on with the guitar tracking( which i must say sound RAAAWWWKKKK) .

Monday, November 22, 2004

It dont rain, it pours.

Okay today has been pretty sucky. First the cab speakers blew and then the Mesa head popped it too. Actually James broke it. ;> Anyways, news reaches us that the 'secret' London show is on the way to selling out. The show is a 1000 capapcity so your enthusiam is rather scary. We wanted to let you know that we are going to do our best to confirm the gig, but we are focussing totally on the record right now. Not rehearsals etc. Our management had to book in advance as slots go pretty quickly. More than one date is on hold but for whatever reason this is the one that got out, when it shouldn't have.
Check back later tonight as we'll have more audio clips up.


Saturday, November 20, 2004

Return of Eppinstein

It seems that traffic to this site has knocked down the server, which is why the link from myvitriol.com ain't working.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

which head

I spend my day Looking around thinking ..... Which gtr head now....

Day 32 In The My Vitriol House

Well It's been a while since i did a post, so i just thought i'd let you know we're still doing Gtrs,concentrating on Soms this time. We've spent a lot of this week on a track called it's so damn easy which turned out not to be the case !! After doing most of the gtrs we sat there and thought shit!! theres no impact, so after consideration and a few beers we decided to drop the key again , just like sometimes..... Now It ROCKS .. i'm sitting here listening to It thinking FUUCCKK!!!!!
So were going on to another track now .. not sure which ............... first some pizza!!!!!

blah blah

Ok, I'm meant to be on a plane in two hours headed for Rome, where they are holding the MTV Awards this year. But guess what, I realised that we couldn't lose three days of tracking and I pulled out last minute. It really isn't very rock this year so what the hell would be the point of me going all that way??
Besides I've exceeded my quota on going out right now. The guy who designed the lights for the Devotional show by Depeche Mode (get it for xmas) and also some Bjork stuff had done the Keane show, so I HAD to check it out. It was a good show. Tim from their band came up to me at the aftershow and said that he had come to see my first ever acoustic show in 1998. He came down with Chris and Johnny from Coldplay, I think. It seems that everyone went to UCL. He seems like a really nice guy. Just remember.....Coldplay and Keane beat you to MV. How strange.
We also saw the Placebo show at Wembley, which was great. The Robert Smith appearance was fucking awesome.

wembley 'cebo

I am going to try and post as much as I can on here. Even at this time in the morning. I'm listening to Mazzy Star "Fade into you" right now. Still the best love song ever written. What ever happened to those guys. Can someone please convince them to start blogging? Thanks.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Hey yo wassup

Hey guys
Just a quick post to say thanks for checking in with us. Its crazy that we have been getting over a 1000 unique visitors every day since we put this blog thing up. You guys have been so supportive its nuts. I know we haven't had a chance to reply any of your emails for the last few months as we have been really busy, but we do read them when we can. We'll be reading the comments on this board too. I don't think we are meant to be posting tracks up here but f*^k it. Their our songs and we want you to hear them.
Also the gig in London has NOT been confirmed yet. It was not meant to have got out but it's pretty tough keeping anything quiet these days. We will let you know as soon as it is.

MV xx

Monday, November 15, 2004

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This samples sounds like white noise. Will have to replace it soon. James.

Studio Madness?

Man, recording an album can be such a rollercoaster ride.
I had developed an allegic reaction to the whole process after Finelines. Don't get me wrong, we're proud of that record now....... it was just that it became a very painful process at the time. Its funny how it's the things that you care about that hurt you the most. HOWEVER The recording so far has been really exciting and *gasp* pretty smooth sailing. So I havent broken out in sneezing fits yet. James and I are 99% on the same page and that has helped a great deal. It can feel like describing colours to a blind person when explaining creative issues to someone on another wavelength. Having no A&R twat around to tell us to edit the intros down helps too. Judging a picture before it was painted was never an easy job I guess. And hell, too many cooks...
So far the standout tracks are the ones that pretty much wrote themselves. By 'standout' I mean the songs people get on a first listen. It really feels like they created themselves using you as their tool. Maybe they are gifts from God. Or maybe its just my subconscious doing all the work. Far more likely but not quite as exciting though.
There are other tracks which take a little more to get into......almost as if you are playing catch-up with our creative process which has taken the track futher down the line.
Well, so far... so good
Here's to the madness to come.

S x

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Mr. Epstein Weighs In

Greetings, MV Faithful ...

I just got back to Seattle from London and can report that Som and Seth have begun recording stringed instruments and Ravi has f*(&ed off down the pub after a job well done.

We had a way too expensive dinner in a Hoxton Square restaurant with framed pix of guitar picks from Van Halen, WASP, and Per Somebody from Roxette ... which apparently were a reflection of the plectrum-sized portions of food. Otherwise, it was 14 and 16 hour stints in the studio ... Keeping the ear to the grindstone as we say.

What other details can we share? Well the working title of the album is ... Wait, hold on ... Not just yet. As Ghostface Killah once told me "I don't want Motherf*@#ers sampling my cake before that shit is baked."

In other words, have patience, friends. You've waited this long. We promise a new MV single, album, and gig(s) in the very near future. Actually much sooner than you might think.

Friday, November 12, 2004

The control room.

Originally uploaded by My Vitriol.
The tidiness of your room is the tidiness of your head.

My Geetar

Originally uploaded by My Vitriol.
Those nice people at Yamaha custom made this one for me.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Som playing gtr

Dr. LeRock

Hey James, stop it with the porn and get back to work!

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Day 15 in the my vitriol house

Today were thinking of tracking some new guitars with the awesome sound we got last night :-)
We were working until about 5am last night, so it's been a late start today. We tracked all the rhythm gtrs to "Sometimes" last night. It was a bit of a struggle at first as they key was too high to get any bottom-end out the parts. We ended up pitching the guitars down to see how it would sound. It sounded phat. We immediately knew we'd have to re-record all the parts in that key. This is a killer track. In my opinion it could be have been a single of Finelines.

wooo hooo

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

My Vitriol in the studio

MV began tracking their second album in late Sept 04. Engineering duties were taken over by James "LeRock" Loughrey who had worked on previous tracks such as Moodswings, and Som took the production helm. The record had been delayed by over a year due to various business issues. In order to preserve autonomy over the record the band converted a two bedroom appartment in central London into a professional recording studio over the summer of 04. Using the miracles of modern technology, the band, James and their management will be posting progress of the sessions from the "Crack House" as it has come to be known........